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Instagram Design:

Created Instagram feeds based around the inspiration of Scandinavian design and nature. 

I am an ambitious sustainable fashion designer, marketer, and entrepreneur, with a strong interest in circularity. Originally from San Francisco, California, I moved to Copenhagen Denmark to learn further about other cultures and earn a bachelors degree in Design and Business, with a specialization is Sustainable Fashion. Now,  I am currently living in Stockholm Sweden immersing myself in Scandinavian fashion and achieving a masters degree in fashion studies, with a focus in sustainability. 



"My passion is to design sustainable clothing, that supports people, planet and profit. I believe that sustainability is not a set back for fashion, but the future of the industry. As a result I want to create great change through clothing that people all around the world will love and cherish." 



Since I have a strong interest in brands and different organizations, I have strived to gain experience throughout different industries working designer, marketer, consultant, project manager and more. I am constantly driven by the future possibilities of the industry and continue to think above and beyond the current norms.I am constantly growing as a designer and I am always looking for new projects to work with!  




November 9th-12th 2017,  Ran a conference involving 300 Participants for Stockholm Model United Nations 

May 11th 2017, Presenter at Fashion Summit representing the youth organization

January 31st 2017, Designers Nest contender Copenhagen Fashion week

January 30th 2017, Launch event of Re.Imagine X Future Designers collection 

March 2016, Cocreator of Re.Imagine a modern sustainable brand in collaboration with the Red Cross 

September 9th 2016, Launch event of Redefining Lines collection