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Fashion Summit 2017

Youth Fashion Summit participant and conference presenter

Fashion Summit is the leading event and conference in regards to sustainable fashion. It brings together innovative thinkers, University students, industry leaders and more under one roof to discuss critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing our industry and planet today.


In collaboration with the UN and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals Youth Fashion Summit 2017 was created. Youth Fashion Summit has been a bench mark for students passionate to create a sustainable fashion industry.


Currently, it gathers students from all over the world to discuss, solve and develop solutions in collaboration with the UN for the future of sustainable fashion. This collaboration involves working with other industry stake holders such as H&M, Swarovski and KEA. During my participation, I got to work with SDG 4 and 5. 





Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all


Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls


Youth Fashion Summit

 Presentation DR Hall

For the conference, I was fortunate enough to present my groups work on Stage and be one of the sustainable leaders representing Youth Fashion Summit. During Fashion Summit, I presented my groups UN resolution which focused on   


"compelling relevant stakeholders to strengthen the human bond, from maker to wearer, through education and changing the mindsets of producers and consumers"

This resolution was eventually presented and discussed in New York in September.