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Instagram Design:

Created Instagram feeds based around the inspiration of Scandinavian design and nature. 


Material Design and Branding

During a project at Kea, I worked with Nike to develop innovative products to counter material waste. The goal of the design project, was to make use of wasted materials globally that struggle to decompose. To do so, I decided to look into plastic, with an individual focus in thrown away department and grocery store bags. To make use of the plastic, I wanted to create a product that needed to be light weight and yet still look fashionable. To achieve this I created a city backpack that could be used while working out and hanging in the city.


This design was to blend the lines of workout wear and daily garment attire to bring duel function into design. All plastic used to make the backpack is from thrown away materials that were created to only be used once. To create such a piece, plastic was braided, weaved and then shaped to form the perfect light weight item for any sustainably active consumer of fashion.