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Instagram Design:

Created Instagram feeds based around the inspiration of Scandinavian design and nature. 

& Other Stories 

Sustainable Fashion Design

With a love for the brand and an interest to test my skills in sustainable design, I created two different collection ideas for & Other Stories . The two focuses were in regards to organic cotton and slow fashion. Through these two projects, I developed skills in collection ideation and brand DNA implementation.


These two collections also highlighted my skills in clothing construction, technical drawings, collection building and campaign ideas. 

This idea implementation was directed towards materials and spring vibes.The intention was also to look into how campaigns could be executed in regards to sustainability. The focus was on product design as well which resulted in the creation of a mint green organic cotton dress

Slow Fashion embraces a lifestyle of minimalism and high-quality design. Inspired by this method, I decided to create a slow fashion collection concept for & Other Stories. To do so I developed mood boards, sketches and tech drawings