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Instagram Design:

Created Instagram feeds based around the inspiration of Scandinavian design and nature. 

Re.Imagine X Red Cross

Cocreator and Social Entrepreneur

Re.Imagine was started with a dream to minimize textile waste globally through the collaboration of social entrepreneurship. We found out that there was an overwhelming amount of textile availability through philanthropic organizations. To tackle this problem we decided to collaborate with the Red Cross of Denmark in Copenhagen.


As the project manager and co-creator, I created modern sustainable designs made from garments of the past. As a result The collections were made from second hand garments such as leather jackets, jeans, jersey and cotton t-shirts.


"There is to much textile waste in the world and we as a fashion industry need to find a modern and innovative way to make use of these materials. Garments have many paths of life, Re.Imagine has decided to discover the next step" 


Re.Imagine transformed into two collections and launch events. Not only did the collections shake up the possibilities of what sustainable fashion could be, but it was also a fundraiser helping the Red Cross organization. Through the inspiration of Michelle Jensen and myself, we put forth textile waste into new versions of modern design. Our collections were Redefining Lines and Re.Imagine X Future Designers.


Interview with the Danish Red Cross