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Instagram Design:

Created Instagram feeds based around the inspiration of Scandinavian design and nature. 

Re.Imagine X Future Designers was the second collection which launched on January 30th 2017 during Copenhagen Fashion Week. For this collection Re.Imagine decided to focus mostly on denim designs. For this collection, we highlighted other sustainable designers from around the world to join the Re.Imagine team and create a collaborative collection together involving everyone's individual design aesthetic. For this collection, we still worked with the Red Cross and made use of their clothing supply. As a result, we involved 13 of the best sustainable designers living in Copenhagen to create upcycled garments on behalf of Re.Imagine. 


The result of the collection was a 35 piece set with pops of orange, fringe details, classic dresses and A-line skirts. All garments were made from the process of up cycling and put on display during our event. The event during Fashion Week caught the eyes of many in Copenhagen and highlighted the designs of the future. It showcased that sustainable fashion is modern, street and a future possibility of the industry.


Design Process:       

Re.Imagine X Future Designers

Photographs from the launch event on January 31st, 2017 showing some of our products and event