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Instagram Design:

Created Instagram feeds based around the inspiration of Scandinavian design and nature. 

Redefining Lines

Redefining Lines was the first collection for Re.Imagine. Its launch event occurred on September 9th, 2016. The collection was focused on creating high street styles cherished by many, with sustainable intentions. The 100 piece up cycled collection, turned denim pants, jackets and t-shirts into creative one of a kind backpacks, bomber jackets, shorts and kimonos.


The collection was an inspirational step for the future of sustainable fashion and the right direction towards stronger circular systems. Not only did the designs cater to the modern Scandinavian women, but it brought a pop of color back to the near fall. All designs were one of a kind and created in Copenhagen by me and my co-founder. As a result, the collection was then sold during our launch event, to raise money for the Red Cross of Denmark.   

Created a campaign video highlighting the main pieces of our Redefining Lines collection 

Create our video How It's Made which show cased the design process and sustainable attributes that went into our collection

Photographs from the launch event on September 9th, 2016 showing some of our products and event